Kawaguchi Door

The Decorative Laminated Door Specialist

Perfect interior, begins with KAWAGUCHI® Doors …

KAWAGUCHI Door is a unique decoration which enchance beautility of a living home or for office furnishing.

KAWAGUCHI Door offered a wide range of inspired designs and high quality products in order to pursue the customers’ true satisfaction and real comfortable lifestyle.

  • Environmental Friendly

    • Less trees being cut, compartment filled by high quality honeycomb. Quality and durability guaranteed.
  • Worry Free Surface ( MOKU® Decor Sheet)

    • Household spill and stain can easily clean up with cloth. Smooth MOKU® Decor
    • Sheet surface finishing prevent bacteria from easily stay on it.
  • Durability

    • Free of delamination and moisture penetration. Free of expansion or shrinkage due to weather changes.
  • Glass or stained-glass can be added for decoration purpose.

  • Tailor-made to fit your choice of size

  • Reduction of sound transmission
  • Water resistant surface (Moku® Decor Sheet)
  • Light weight and easy installation

  • Free of painting and polishing

  • Modern, elegant and fashionable

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Our Core Value

(1) Priority: Customers’ peace of mind & satisfaction are the most important to us!
(2) Quality: We are committed to provide superior quality products at competitive prices to provide customers the most invaluable solution.